Sunday, December 10, 2017

Want to make a difference?

My name is Christina. I'm the founder and event coordinator of the Christmas Spirit Community Dinner After 27 years we Mighty Elves are taking on Xmas Hampers for some of our beloved community members in need.

Normally we do a sit Dinner for up to 900 guests on Christmas Day. Due to our own family obligations recently we have decided to focus just on the hampers AND 2 used car give aways!!! Fun or what?!! (We have chosen the recipients of both hampers and the cars xo ♥️). It's so amazing who steps up to make a difference every year!! We have a great community!

If you want to ditch the Bah Humbug Blues - give me a jingle. Hampers are a fab way to give a little or give a lot. Up to you! Much love! Christina ❄️♥️