Monday, December 12, 2016

50 families adopting 50 families over the holidays.

Interested in making a difference this holiday season?
Why not reach out to folks in our community who would love some great company like yours.
Because we are not holding the sit down Dinner this year, I'm inviting our beautiful community to step up and help us bring many of the displaced singles/ families together through a warm invitation.
How you create your extended family experience is up to you!
Maybe it's inviting a family over to your home for a hot meal and shared good times.
Maybe it's taking someone out for a coffee or a muffin each week!
Maybe it's creating a hamper and hand delivering it :)
Maybe it's making some cookies for someone and sharing a hot chocolate together.
Maybe it's going for a walk together and ending up at a fab local café.
YOU get to say. This is your expression of love. This is your expression of making a difference.
Let's create a vital city vibe and a warm village heart. :)

Please let me know by emailing me OR calling me if you would like to participate in some way.
Please leave your name and number clearly. I am truly looking forward to hearing from you!

Can't do any of the above but want to make a difference for a family?
We are a registered charity. Feel free to support a family through a donation and we will do the rest!