Saturday, October 22, 2016

No Christmas Dinner this year....Other Elf Mischief instead xo :)

Hi there Mighty Elves & Guests of our Christmas Spirit Community Dinner!! After 26 years, we are switching sleigh gears! We are up to other Elfish Activities and therefore we will not be serving our sit down Dinner this year (which would have been on Boxing Day due to church requirements on Sunday 25th).

It has been such a pleasure and utmost privilege sharing the Christmas Dinner with you for the past 25 years. Several of us have spent, days, months and years together creating this sacred event for you and for us, for your family and for ours. I know it has been a favourite event for so many and I am so grateful for our time together and feel pride in what we have accomplished as an Elf Team. Whether you have been a volunteer, guest, sponsor or contributor you have not only shaped my life and that of my children, you have become my Christmas family. I will sincerely miss you this year. xoxoxoxo.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Victoria for your love, for your generosity and for your willingness to breathe life into an event that has made such a powerful difference. Literally thousands of guests and Mighty Elves received a warm beautiful meal in a loving festive space over the years because of you. Children of all ages received amazing gifts because of you. Community felt loved because of you.....(Big fat tears......)

Thank you! :) Although, I am putting the Dinner on hold this year, Christmas Spirit is in my bones ~ My Elfish Self is in the works with other ideas and Elf Giving Mischief. If you would like to learn more - just give me a jingle at (I see that email on my phone, but can’t get this one so response time might be slower.) Feel free to call me @ 250-472-1040. xo

Much love,