Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My outreach letter to a woman I greatly admire and respect; Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC's "The Current"....

Dear Anna Maria,

I had the privilege of having an interview with Robyn Burns of All Points West yesterday regarding a project that I have taken on recently. I am the founder and event coordinator of the 25th Annual Christmas Spirit Community Dinner held in downtown Victoria each year for those who may go without over the holidays. We have grown from feeding 75 guests our first year to upwards of 900 including an outdoor BBQ, Secret Santa program, hamper program over the years. This year I chose to not do the sit down Dinner for various reasons.
It has caused an upset that I didn't expect - hundreds of people who now have no where to go over the holidays. I think I lost touch with how much our Dinner made a difference. So, my new project was born - an outreach to the community to hold their own Christmas Spirit Community Dinners for guests both known and unknown to them. "50 Families Adopting 50 Families" over the holidays. My recent FB post was: 

"Let's not keep our Awesomeness all to oursELVES!
Come join our new community project. 50 families adopting 50 families. Families come in all shapes, sizes and blendedness! "Adopting" can look like inviting a senior out for a hot chocolate and muffin, having a whole clan over for dinner or a hike and a picnic. You get to say. This is YOUR Christmas Spirit Unleashed. Join me in creating miracles on our streets. Post if you are interested in learning more or diving right in! xo (MUAH!) Christina"

Emails are starting to pour in. People want to help. People want to make a difference. I thought - what a fabulous Canadian challenge. To challenge 10 cities to take on their own incentive! 50 Families Adopting 50 Families - Creating Miracles on our Streets.
I know that there are outreach (of love, generosity, caring) programs everywhere. People ARE awesome. Sometimes we just need a little nudge. Might you be interested in becoming a Mighty Elf and sharing this story with me? I would delighted to have you join me in spreading a tidalwave of love and the true spirit of Christmas across Canada. A tidalwave of Miracles on Our Streets. And let's see who takes it and runs :) With the hope that new relationships are formed and perhaps one more beloved person is reminded that they matter.

Warmest regards,
Christina Parkhurst
PS. Thank you for being a voice in the world for what is important, relevant and often incredibly uplifting. Thanks for following your heart and doing what you love. You are a gift.

CSCD Founder & Event Coordinator since 1991.

Monday, December 12, 2016

50 families adopting 50 families over the holidays.

Interested in making a difference this holiday season?
Why not reach out to folks in our community who would love some great company like yours.
Because we are not holding the sit down Dinner this year, I'm inviting our beautiful community to step up and help us bring many of the displaced singles/ families together through a warm invitation.
How you create your extended family experience is up to you!
Maybe it's inviting a family over to your home for a hot meal and shared good times.
Maybe it's taking someone out for a coffee or a muffin each week!
Maybe it's creating a hamper and hand delivering it :)
Maybe it's making some cookies for someone and sharing a hot chocolate together.
Maybe it's going for a walk together and ending up at a fab local café.
YOU get to say. This is your expression of love. This is your expression of making a difference.
Let's create a vital city vibe and a warm village heart. :)

Please let me know by emailing me OR calling me if you would like to participate in some way.
Please leave your name and number clearly. I am truly looking forward to hearing from you!

Can't do any of the above but want to make a difference for a family?
We are a registered charity. Feel free to support a family through a donation and we will do the rest!

Dearest Mighty Elves

Christmas and the holiday season is upon us. Fraught with expectations. Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. Christmas can expose the best and worst in us. Some of us duck and cover and just try to get through without short circuiting. Like my Christmas tree lights. Every year.
For me, the holiday season is about LOVE. Tenderness. Grace. Igniting the senses. Permission to love bigger. Permission to give. Permission to receive. Permission to forgive. Permission to hug longer. Kiss sweeter. Laugh longer. And cry harder. Permission to believe. Permission to be messy, beautiful human beings. To be touched by a season that reminds us that we long for family. That we ARE family. To remove the boundaries and barriers that keep us separate. It's not about stuff. It's about a generous heart. Being thoughtful. A smile. It's about gathering together and doing our best - even if it's for just one moment - to see each other through God's eyes. Perfection.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

No Christmas Dinner this year....Other Elf Mischief instead xo :)

Hi there Mighty Elves & Guests of our Christmas Spirit Community Dinner!! After 26 years, we are switching sleigh gears! We are up to other Elfish Activities and therefore we will not be serving our sit down Dinner this year (which would have been on Boxing Day due to church requirements on Sunday 25th).

It has been such a pleasure and utmost privilege sharing the Christmas Dinner with you for the past 25 years. Several of us have spent, days, months and years together creating this sacred event for you and for us, for your family and for ours. I know it has been a favourite event for so many and I am so grateful for our time together and feel pride in what we have accomplished as an Elf Team. Whether you have been a volunteer, guest, sponsor or contributor you have not only shaped my life and that of my children, you have become my Christmas family. I will sincerely miss you this year. xoxoxoxo.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Victoria for your love, for your generosity and for your willingness to breathe life into an event that has made such a powerful difference. Literally thousands of guests and Mighty Elves received a warm beautiful meal in a loving festive space over the years because of you. Children of all ages received amazing gifts because of you. Community felt loved because of you.....(Big fat tears......)

Thank you! :) Although, I am putting the Dinner on hold this year, Christmas Spirit is in my bones ~ My Elfish Self is in the works with other ideas and Elf Giving Mischief. If you would like to learn more - just give me a jingle at (I see that email on my phone, but can’t get this one so response time might be slower.) Feel free to call me @ 250-472-1040. xo

Much love,