Monday, September 28, 2015

We have our meetings set and ready to go.
Want to get involved?
Wondering what to do with yoursELF this holiday season?
Have I got a Dinner for you!

Our first meeting is this Sunday, October 4th at McDonald's on Shelbourne X Cedar Hill X Rd. Remember - we are UPSTAIRS!!!

1:30pm - 3pm.

Please be prompt so we can start on time. Thanks!!!
We will let you know what the Dinner is all about as well as give you a chance to register as a volunteer (MIGHTY ELF) in an area that suits you the best.

There are so many ways to get involved even if you aren't here on the Big Day!

For all meetings - check out our meeting tab :)

Christina and the Crazy Mighty Elf Team.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Guess what???!

Guess What?! With 14 Fridays until Christmas Day, the Mighty Elves are revving their sleighs.

We have a fabulous fundraiser this year that is all about Miracles on Our Streets.

25 teams of 10 people each.

Each team member aka Mighty Elf raises $ 100 each. The whole team creates a game plan how to create those funds. Prizes for best ideas / themes / team names etc.

Each team wraps up with their own potluck community dinner together at some point before December 1st.

The community dinners can be the fundraiser itself with their own themes.  Get creative!

For Example:
  • Red n Green Food night 
  • Dinner on a Budget (example: only on minimum wage)
  • Crazy Utensils Dinner
  • Invite a New Friend Dinner  
  • Make one, Give one Dinner 
  • Progressive Dinner where each home is one course
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Dinner
  • Dessert, Eggnog or Martinis Only Dinner
Use your imagination and have fun!

Pictures, stories and videos will get posted for each team.

Is this fun or what?

Please click on Volunteer Meetings!

Our first meeting is Sunday, Oct. 4 at 1:30 PM.  
Location to be announced.