Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa's on his way!

And The Mighty Elves are racing to get ready!  Cookies and pastries and treats, oh my!

We've had some incredible people and companies step up and donate most generously to the dinner in the past few days, including:

  • New table sponsors Township Coffee, and Mr & Mrs Barrowdale!
  • MYRA Consulting who have sponsored an amazing 12 tables!
  • Mark Conway, who has paid for 1/2 our produce order!
  • Daniel K, our very own Turkey Santa.  Yup, he paid for all 45 turkeys this year AND last!  That's 1,125lbs of turkey every year!
  • Lois Heppell and family, who each and every year donate all the hams we need!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

It's people like you, and the many, many others who have contributed this year, that make the magic happen!

Christina and The Mighty Elves