Friday, December 26, 2014

Us in the Times Colonist

Hi everyone!

Great article on us in today's Times Colonist and a picture of our pooped Santa!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Okay! Well, that was AMAZING!!!

Dearest Ones,

We did it! YOU were absolutely perfect and amazing today.
Thank you so very much for your beautiful hearts and hard work. Wasn’t it great?!
We even finished 2 hours earlier than last year which means we really worked together as a team until the very end.
Wahoo!! (The last guests got hot mochas with monster mouthfuls of whipped cream ..yum!)

Apart from a guest being locked in the elevator and very attractive firemen needing to come assist in her rescue
(I KNOW RIGHT?!), the day went off without a hitch. I am absolutely astounded at your love and dedication.
Could you feel the magic? Could you feel the spirit of Christmas that your love created?

It most certainly was there.
Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving our Beloved Guests in such a way that they felt cherished today. I know how well you did.  You could see it in their faces. In YOUR faces.

Please please please get what a contribution you are.  I am so very blessed to have shared this day with you.

Now it’s your turn. How did we do? Anything we could have done better? Anything to report? Add / Subtract?
Pictures you could share? Thank you for emailing your thoughts. It will certainly help us create what’s next for YEAR 25!!

So, feet up, tea time and ….bath time!
Going to sleep with all of you in my thoughts and prayers…

With love and immense gratitude…

What we do in life echoes in eternity.
~ Marcus Aurelius.

We're on!

Setting the stage....

Let's give them our all today, shall we?

I would like to have us all hold a special space in our hearts today for LOVE.

Love for yoursElf.

Love for another.

Love for the experience of whatever is before us...because that is all that we have.

What else is there to do today but love it all?

The good stuff, "bad" stuff, joyful stuff, human stuff, (that you might be dealing with today, that our guests might be dealing with today - it's all perfect), magical stuff...bring it all on; we are ready!

So let's get out there and Love Big! (In your own very unique's perfect how you do that, you know.)

Your true uniform on top / black on bottom....  sprinkled with loads of LOVE dust.

(Hugs share the L-dust the best! Give it a try!)... Yes, I am very corny..but hey...we all want love. Let's just admit it and get out there
and give it away in droves shall we?! If someone actually BRINGS fairy Love Dust, sprinkle it on me!

Deep breath...we are ON!

Much love n Nutmeg kisses (I lick the top off everyone's eggnog foam)

Christina and CSCD Crew.


Fantastic food from 11-5pm. We hope to see you there!

T'was the day before Christmas...

And The Mighty Elves were busy, busy, busy!

Enormous thanks to everyone who came out and decorated the hall yesterday!  Fantastic job and our guests will be amazed!

A shout out to Richard Murray at Hilltop Greenhouses for the loan of the cube van (yay!)

and all the wonderful people at Conner Nursery for the pointsettias.

Huge thanks too to everyone who ran around all over town getting baked goodies from Wildfire, Pure Vanilla, Ottavio's, Cob's, Cascadia, Pattiserie Daniel, Market on Millstream, Bond Bonds, for today!

Thank you all my Mighty Elves - this day happens because of you!

With Christmassy love,

Christina and The Mighty Elves!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa's on his way!

And The Mighty Elves are racing to get ready!  Cookies and pastries and treats, oh my!

We've had some incredible people and companies step up and donate most generously to the dinner in the past few days, including:

  • New table sponsors Township Coffee, and Mr & Mrs Barrowdale!
  • MYRA Consulting who have sponsored an amazing 12 tables!
  • Mark Conway, who has paid for 1/2 our produce order!
  • Daniel K, our very own Turkey Santa.  Yup, he paid for all 45 turkeys this year AND last!  That's 1,125lbs of turkey every year!
  • Lois Heppell and family, who each and every year donate all the hams we need!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

It's people like you, and the many, many others who have contributed this year, that make the magic happen!

Christina and The Mighty Elves

Monday, December 22, 2014

2 days, 15 hours to go!

Counting down the hours until Operation Turkey Gobble is a go!

Our huge thanks to the following sponsors who have generously given to make this happen!

  • The Bennett family
  • Mrs. R. Shuey
  • Vicki Sotheran
  • Laurie Pettinger
  • Gurmail Manhas
  • Ian Klitsie
  • Sharon Reid-Ivany
  • Asset Canada Inc.
  • Roger Dupuis
  • Chris Kirby
  • Doug Linton
  • Shannon M McDonald

So excited that Santa's nearly here!

Christina and The Mighty Elves

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Singing the praises of our newest sponsors!

Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and companies for their amazing contributions to the Christmas Spirit Community Dinner this year!

  • Glenn Brenan
  • Aral Construction Ltd.
  • Brenric Construction
  • KPL James Architecture
  • Results Imperative Group
  • Rob Goatcher
  • Christine Rundell
  • Linda Jarman


Christina & The Mighty Elves

Special thanks!

A mighty thank you from all the Mighty Elves to David Potvin and and the Thunderbird Insurance crew for providing insurance for us for the fifth year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dearest Mighty Elves,

Our last meeting is Saturday, December 13th
@ the Jewish Community Center.
10am- noon.
Please be on time.
Bring baked goods, stuffed stockings, Secret Santa gifts if you have committed to those items please.

Address: 3636 Shelbourne St, Saanich, BC V8P 4H2
We request that you do your best to attend.
It is a mandatory meeting prior to The Big Day.
Extra parking across the street at Fairways.
Looking forward to seeing you all!
Until then...I have a mission should you choose to accept it! Ready? Our mission as Mighty Elves for this holiday season is to toss our OCCASIONALLY stingy bah humbug grumpy sElves (I know, NOT us!!) and choose to Love Big in the face of whatever circumstances saunter our way. Tall order?! You bet! Why? Because YOU shining...makes a powerful lasting difference....and gives others permission to do the same...

What would happen if we became the first transformed island in the whole wide world..just because we opened our eyes each morning and instead of how it normally goes..we chose to love no matter what........HO ho ho! xoxo