Monday, December 23, 2013

We have BBQ Platinum sponsors!

Huge thanks to Ted and Yolanda Balderson @ Christie Phoenix.

Their generous donation pays for all of our bratwurst and fixings at our Outdoor BBQ.
That's 45 DOZEN of the best brats money can buy! (Thanks to fabulous team at The Whole Beast).

We have the most loving and generous community around. Victorians are amazing! There are other cities have tried to model our Dinner (my friends tell me) and come up short; not because there isn't a desire or beautiful hearts everywhere and there certainly is a need everywhere, it is because, in my belief we have aloving community that takes it to a new level. We have some of the highest volunteers rates in all of Canada. As Canadians, we also give more per capita than most other countries.  In a nutshell we care deeply and we are willing to prove it, show it, share it and love big.

We cannot do what we do without you. Thank you again all of our sponsors for making our Dinner a reality each year.


Warmest regards,