Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank you Arbutus Global Middle School!!

The Arbutus Global Middle School kids were in fine form yesterday doing the Sock Circuit with smiles and joyful intention.  500 SECRETSANTA SOCKS is  A LOT of socks but no problem for the Arbutus kids;  like Donner and Blitzen these super fast Elves sprinted from one station to the next filling with various toiletries, toothbrushes, goodies and the chocolate Santa's on a stick!  MY hat goes off (and my socks stay on) to Arbutus and all the kids, parents and teachers  including Sean Powell the school principal for organizing such a huge endeavour during the holiday season. We sure hope to see Arbutus again next year!

I am one of the Elves who hand out the Santa Socks and they are always so well received. Last year when we had about 40 left over which we handed out on New  Year's Eve Day with my mother; it was cold.  And various shelters were closed.  Many of the people said the items in the sock were all that they would have to eat that day (mandarin, granola bar and a chocolate and a coffee card).  My Mom and I sat in the van afterwards in tears. It is heartbreaking to be around such poverty wondering what else we could do ~ it is a complicated issue; it is also a poignant reminder of just how lucky we are. Some of us may not have a lot but we have enough. And "enough" can make all the difference with how life goes. So, you matter. This project matters. Thank you.

Much love and appreciation,