Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holy Turkey-Doodle!

Did you see us in the Times Colonist this morning?

Was it just me or was that a ridiculously great day?! I don't even know where to I will just freestyle it...WOW! I know that every big event has it's hiccups and we had a few.. funny ones, frustrating ones, avoidable ones..but all of those are to be expected and after the initial flap we go with the flow. We are prepared for humanity (that's us too) to show up and be everything under the sun ~ no surprises. We are ready. What is so delightful was how few upsets there were, how GREAT everyone handled everything (okay except me with the whole ketchup, cranberry and how easily everything flowed today.

I can't even tell you how many compliments I received on the food. YEH Rose and Warren and all the Kitchen Elves! Whoot!  One gentleman said that he had been at various dinners such as these having gone in and out of poverty and wealth (including all over Europe) and said it was THE BEST FOOD HE HAS EVER HAD at a community dinner in all of his 65 years. In fact, he said "there were actually hints of gourmet...who did the cranberry sauce?" which made be spit out my candy cane since the cranberry
sauce seemed to be The Topic followed closely by KETCHUP...(Steve, you are never going to live that down...ha!) mainly because  I made it, and no one knew where it was because it was stuck in my truck hiding until I got there so panic ensued...and more was made and... I spazzed...geesh, I could have kissed him right there.

I also walked around to many of the tables and I didn't recieve one complaint. Not one. Only rave reviews and big smiles and loads of gratitude. "Any suggestions how we could do it better next year?" No. Everyone loved it. Even the kids said it was great! (That's when you know you hit it out of the park..when kids are eating the salad and making mashed potato volcanoes...).

And my Darling First-Sitting Elves, I found out after the fact that some of you didn't get to partake in the meal due to timing and food not being ready when you needed to leave; my sincere apologies.  I truly apologize and do hope you enjoyed yourself and at the very least got to enjoy a bratwurst at the BBQ.

So many people to thank / acknowledge from all of our sponsors; businesses and individuals who supported us financially in goods and services to make our Dinner a reality to all the 250+ Mighty Elves including and especially our tireless Team Leaders who I could not do this Dinner without.  I am the Fire breathing Dragon and they just help me direct the I loved the super fun craft station and all those 3D gingerbread folks I saw to Mr Twister magical balloon art to SANTA (who was PERFECT!) to the Getting Higher Choir to Michael H on the piano all day to a fabulous BBQ team, the Secret Santa room of ridiculously competent Elves  and the dessert tray Divas and the magic that the logistics and decorating team pull off each EVERY single Mighty Elf who walked through those doors today who took on their requested mission:
Love Big. You nailed it. Couldn't you FEEL it?! Magic!

So Christine and I just did a Big Long Fat hour PLUS debrief; LOADS to talk about, go over and laugh over. I sat on my kitchen floor at 9:30pm eating dinner (why sit in a chair when there's a perfectly good floor RIGHT THERE) which I devoured..the food that is... wow..that hunger thing really sneaks up on you - in spite of eating my own wee mashed potato n gravy volcano that I honestly haven't eaten since I was like TEN - and gallons of green tea and ..grapes...oh right and some D+MN good shortbread from Bubby Rose's..for some reason that wasn't enough!   Christine and I have done up an initial list of "What was great; What's missing?" for next year. If you have anything to add, your OBSERVATIONS...good, bad, ugly and LOVELY...please please share with me. I always strive to make our Dinner better each year and
your input always makes a difference. Also, if you don't mind sending your experiences in general we would love to post some on our website!

And any pictures? Can you please send them to me? Thank you! I am, after my 23rd year...thinking "Wow...THAT WAS AWESOME...I have the best people in the world to work with and share my Christmas Day with. Even when you forget the ketchup. And I spaz about cranberries. And people sneak out 4 socks instead of one and hot dog buns are low and who got liquid whipped cream? And all my rellies come and visit and get mistaken for homeless people EVERY the midst of everyone doing their best..which was so evident today..stuff just HAPPENS....I am so very blessed! And it was perfect.". Thank you! You all are the best gift! Family.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I love you truly, madly, deeply. Now...pass the egg nog...I am putting my feet up - LITERALLY - many pillows high and basking in the glow of our day...

With deep apprecation for you...