Saturday, December 14, 2013

11 days until C-Day!!!

Hey there Superstars! 11 days until C-Day!!!

Just a loving reminder. Please check the website DAILY now for updates.

One of those things you take on when you sign up to be a Mighty Elf. Petra has spent HOURS on our lovely website..  so please check it for things like meeting times, and please print off the Team Leader Phone list so you have it handy.

There usually are daily updates.

If you have questions about your job for Xmas Day and aren't coming to the meeting tomorrow at 3pm then you need to be in communication with your Team Leader (not me) if you have any questions. Feel free to cc me so I can see what is going on.

If you have schedule changes (ie sick / can't make the meeting or can't make your shift on the 24th or 25th) then please connect with Christine and cc/ me.

If you want to drive me nuts or Petra or us and ask "When is the meeting?" or "What do I wear?" or the like.

To get those answers please check the website, read your emails, come to the meeting or contact your Team Leader. So, now is the time!

You know we love you...AND we need you to LOVE our website too. Visiting our FB page would help us too. Thanks tons tons tons..we really appreciate it!

See you at the Gordon Head pool Sunday Dec 15th - 1pm (swim first/ steam/ hot tub) and / or meeting at 3pm.
(Code for the front desk for swimming: Mighty Elf)

Remember Mighty Elf gear on Christmas Day...RED ON TOP>...BLACK on bottom.
With BLACK shoes unless you are in the kitchen, then just rubber bottom comfortable shoes.
(and feel free to wear clothes too - RED / BLACK). Xmas Bling is a bonus! (Antlers, vests, things
that light!) Or go for it and come in TOTAL ELF GEAR (Kevin does!! Yeh Kevin!)

Love,  Christina