Thursday, November 14, 2013

What can I do to help??

Here are 2 version of our flyer to print off and / or forward to your family and friends.

Here's one and here's another one (with a cute dog)

Remember we have lots to do and ways to participate!

You don't have to be here on Christmas over even during the holiday season to make a difference.

You can sponsor a child or family.
You can bake cookies or bars. Hold a bake exchange!
You can purchase $5 coffee cards and encourage friends to do so too!
You can donate an auction item.
You can bid on an item or two. Energy and interest is good!
You can donate cash on our website via our easy PayPal system. (receipts for $20 and over)
You can put up flyers and share "us" with your friends.
You can go on our Facebook page and LIKE us and ask your friends to too!
You can comment on our FB page!
You can be an Ambassador for us and just share about us everywhere; school, PAC, work, family, friends, FB, businesses you frequent.
You can hold a fundraiser / bottle drive / garage sale / open house where the entrance is a $5 coffee card and a pair of socks.
You can respond to these emails so I know you are out there and doing great! Or just doing! I would love to are you?!
You can join our HOCKEY TEAM and help sell hockey tickets to the BRAVES games. If we sell all 50 tickets for 8 games we can make $3600. That's awesome!!!
You can get pysched for decking your hall, sipping that nog and snarfing that chocolate truffle and loving yourself and your family with your beautiful heart; now.